Friday, May 14, 2010

How to care for a torn off toe Nail?

I had went to close my door at work and the door had ripped my large toe nail clean off. it was only being held my the cutical, i had removed the nail but i need to know how to care for it. when i put a bandage on it it does not dry out but i don't want to leave it exposed for infection. it hurts really bad.and i need some advice?How to care for a torn off toe Nail?
I tore my big toe nail off as well this past December. ( I was pushing my couch with my foot and the couch won) It took 6 weeks before I was able to take the whole nail off, but when i did my nail was also covered in pus. I went out and bought some ';Johnson and Johnson First Aid triple layer non-stick pads';, some antibiotic ointment and gauzetape. I kept it clean, and even used hydrogen peroxide on it occasionally. (that hurts a bit but cleans it out well) The gauze tape is like a self sticking bandage that only sticks to itself. With the non stick pad you wont have to worry about the bandage drying out and needing to re open any wound by ripping the dried bandage off. I did that until the area where the nail should be stopped producing pus then my nail was growing in the mean time...4 months later my nail is almost completely back.. another month or so and it should be all good.

good luckHow to care for a torn off toe Nail?
I did the same thing, but it was my pinky toe %26amp; I kicked the tire on the grocery cart. It was bleeding so I wiped it with a clean moist paper towel. When I got home I just put a dry bandaid over it and held it in place until the pain was completely gone and then eventually cut the nail off. I would keep neosporin ointment and a bandaid on it, especially when wearing a closed shoe! the exposed skin can get infected if you don't protect it. It will eventually heal up and the pain will go away (in a few days) and then you can let it air dry and your nail will eventually grow back.
Well, this happend to me when I was about 12 I think. If it didn't bleed there probably isn't much of anything open to be infected. I think I left mine open most of the time from what I remember but it's best to call a doctor to get a professional opinion. I'm from BC %26amp; we have a 24hr nurseline, you coudl try that if you have one in your area or the # is 1-866-215-4700. Not sure if you will be able to call from your area but worth a try. Best bet is to talk to a doctor though! Just a forewarning, it may not grow back normally. Mine is now thick %26amp; yellowish (from the thickness) one one foot %26amp; the other foot, the nail came off last year, I think due to frostbite/trauam %26amp; it grew back normally with just a little ridge in it. Just to prepare you in case. Hope yours turns out normal!
Wash it with lukewarm water and medicated soap like sulfur soap. Then let it dry by not wrapping it with bandage. Plus refrain from eating meat, eggs, chicken, beef, salty, sweet and fatty food to help in the healing process. Also do not eat watermelon, grapes, mangoes and cantaloupe. Drink lots of water, 10-15 glasses a day.

Michelle, I did the same with a thumb nail. Doc told me to soak it 4 times a day in a 50/50 mix of white vinegar and water for 20 min at a time, and i used finger rubbers to keep out any outside germs betwen soakings. Do this for 2-3 wks till it starts to show healing
you dont need to do all that fancy stuff unless it gets infected. get some bandaids and wear them if it hurts. other then that it will heal by itself.
tape a good piece of corn on it.

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