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How can I get rid of persistent fungal toe nail infection?

Vicks vaporub put on the nails twice a day for 6 weeks. Amazing results! I know!!!How can I get rid of persistent fungal toe nail infection?
My new doctor just recommended VapoRub! I was surprised! I have tried Lamisil and Sporonox and having the toenails removed. Nothing worked. Now I am trying VapoRub. Glad to see it worked for someone else.

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How can I get rid of persistent fungal toe nail infection?
long term oral antifungals...usually about 6 mos. topical meds don't work well.
Try using over the counter lamisil that should work.
HI Dottie...a couple of ways..all SLOW (luckily more of a true annoyance than anything life-threatening!)....

It's been said in many areas that Vick's VapoRub applied daily can do the trick (yep--believe it or not!), but the mainstream means is chronic oral anti-fungal therapies (many available, and not without side effects..check with YOUR doc!).
tea tree oil works for just about anything
my mom had that for awhile, she got some type of surgery, although she had to get the sugery twice, she is recovering from the last one, which was like 2 weeks ago, and her toe is fine now. go to a foot doctor, or any doctor for that matter.
I know for Athlete's Foot, Boric Acid can be used. My husband had AF, and he used the powder form of Boric Acid, put a bit of it in his work boots only twice, and it healed his feet right up. Athlete's foot is a fungus as well. (Same fungus as Ringworm) I wouldnt' be surprised if your toenail infection is the same fungus.

I'm not sure if Boric acid is available over the counter, but an insecticide called Roach Pruf is boric acid. You can get that in hardware stores. (Namely small old fashioned ones, not big box coffin stores)
Probably the only way to get rid off it is get a prescription for Lamisil (to be taken internally). This is not to be confused with the over the counter Lamisil cream that is a regular anti-fungus but will not work on toe nail fungus.

The standard is to take one pill (250 ml) once a day for 90 days straight. A german study showed very good results by taking Lamisil only for one week per month for a whole year.

The disadvantage of Lamisil is that it can affect your liver function. You need to take a blood test before taking it, and one after a month. The other disadvantage is that it is incredibly expensive. It costs now $800 for a full dosage (90 pills). Granted most insurance plans cover it, so you end up with a copay of $75 or so. If not, you can buy Lamisil in Canada for about $500.

Dermatologists also recommend Penlac as a liquid you put on your toes. They recommend it because it is cheaper ($130 for a minuscule bottle that can last 6 to 12 months) and there is no side effect risk (to liver). However, it is a complete rip off. It really does not work for anyone. Don't waste your time on this one.

People recommend anything under the sun (tea tree oil, vinegar, lemon juice, etc...). Don't get your hopes up. It most probably won't work. As everyone, you will probably give most of these benign low cost alternatives a try. But, when you get serious about truly eradicating this really stubborn ailment, just get Lamisil. At this stage there are very few options.
Pour witchazel over your feet and let it dry, don't wash it off. Also make a paste of fresh ginger and put it under the toenail and bandage your toe every night until the infection goes away.
cut right through both of your ankles, guaranteed to work!
Cut your feet off...
There are OTC solutions, and specialized antibiotics. However, if the condition is serious enough, you will be unable to cure it. To avoid unsightly nails, a foot doctor may suggest removing the nails permanently.
my son tried the dr scholls fungal foot removal kit and after the 1st time it looked better and after 1 week it was almost completely gone

he uses it daily to keep away
try soaking you feet in wine vinegar, the fungus hates it
GO TO A DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Antibiotics from your podiatrist or general practitioner. Nothing else gets rid of it.
The underlying cause of fungus is due to your diet. If you want long term change, eat a healthy diet rich in salad greens, raw fruits and vegetables. Eliminate meat, dairy, and bread from your diet.

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